Heart pumping good time

As a teacher, I have a fairly active lifestyle. Sitting during the day is rarely an option. But outside of work, I try to stay active (as well as motivated to do anything productive). Today I just could NOT get my sneakers on and go for a run, but I knew I would regret just sitting around all day. So I put together a quick heart-pumping circuit routine go get my butt into gear! This consisted of:

20 jumping jacks

20 lunges

20 pushups

20 crunches

I took about a 4 minute break in between each circuit and repeated 3 times. WOW. I know I haven’t ran all week but man were my legs tired! I surprised myself today too. I was being very ambitious when I put my mind to 20 consecutive pushups and was beyond pumped when I reached my goal! I have a very hard time challenging myself when it comes to working out. When its my own goal I have to reach, I  find myself cheating or tailoring my goal to ensure success. Anyone else?




What do you think?

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