Take one: The Guest List

People are constantly coming and going into your life. As a soon to be 25 year old, I have my fair share of conspicuous relationships with others. But who makes the cut?!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. 3 Months ago, that opportunity came when my boyfriend of 6 years finally popped the question! Now I find myself knee deep in wedding expenses and obligations, and a desperate desire to vent! 

So problem # 1: Who makes the cut? For as long as we have discussed possible wedding plans, by fiance and I have always agreed on a small wedding where we actually, *gasp* know everyone in attendance! I mean come on, who wants to spend their whole wedding day introducing their new spouse to great aunts, and distant cousins? Not this girl. So with several feet being put down, and a few distant relatives being veto-ed, we think we finally got our guest list done! *Yey for small victories!* 

But my question to you is: Who should make the list? Cousin Ann in Ohio who you haven’t seen in 3 years, or your new friend at work who you just met 3 months ago?


What do you think?

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