Must Go Pizza!

One of the best things I ever purchased was my Marcy exercise bike.


I bought it about a year ago from Walmart for $100. It was one of the cheapest ones they carried so I didn’t have the highest of expectations, but at the time I was getting very sick of running, and needed another cardio outlet. My favorite part is its size. It weighs probably about 15 lbs so i can move it around as much as I like! On sunny days, I put it on my balcony to ride, and other days I plop it down right in from of the tv.
Today was a balcony day! I got home from work today and I strapped on my shoes.Image

Thank god I decided to workout today because dinner tonight was amazing! Last night we had pasta with meat sauce, and we made way too much beef. We set some aside to use for tonight’s dinner, not having any clue what that would be…. until I spotted the package of crescent rolls way in the back of the fridge! Since we also had left over pasta sauce, I decided to create a makeshift pizza!


My inspiration for this meal was my grandfather’s infamous “Must Go Soup” where he would open the fridge and anything that must go found its way into the pot.

I had never made a pizza with crescent roll crust, but O.M.G it was incredible! It was sweet and flaky but strong enough to hold my massive toppings of cheese, bell peppers, onions, and ground beef. This pizza did not last long, let me tell you! I think it was particularly delicious because we used all our leftovers in one swoop! With our budget we try our best not to waste food. I can definitely see this item being a regular in our recipe rotation!!


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