Pretzels, hot dogs, and beer OH MY!

The last few days have been crazy! Wedding planning has been very productive, and I have many fun things to blag about. The best part? There doesn’t seem to be an end in site! This whole weekend is going to be go go go!:-)

OK so I will start with Thursday night! Nolan’s family is amazing and got us Bruins tickets as an engagement present! Two of his sisters and their boyfriends went with us, and we had so much fun. We are both big sports fans, but we especially love hockey.


HOWEVER, the food at the garden stole the show for the first 55 minutes of play. We started with giant soft pretzels and ended with hot dogs. There may have been an adult beverage or two consumed, but at $8.50 a pop it wasn’t worth it.

With 5 minutes left in the game, and the B’s down 2-0 they tied it up and we went into overtime! The Bruins ended up losing in a shootout, but we still had a blast!



One thought on “Pretzels, hot dogs, and beer OH MY!

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