Second Date?

Since I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, Nolan and I decided to spend our Friday night together.


Even after 6 years together, it’s still so fun to get dressed up and go out. One of our tricks for date night is not talking in the car on the ride there. That way when we sit down to eat we still have something to talk about!

Now Nolan and I are probably the two most indecisive people on the planet, so deciding where to go for dinner is always a NIGHTMARE. We have a few favorite spots, but last night I wanted something new and different. One of Nolan’s favorite spots is The Villa in Wayland. I had actually never been, but good Italian food and a glass of wine was
exactly what I wanted!
The Menu was incredible and very reasonably priced. I chose one of their Friday Night specials. I can’t recall what is was called but it was seared chicken breast in a white wine lemon sauce with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and asparagus over imported linguini.



Not only was this plate epically large, it was the most delicious thing I’ve had in… idk how long.  It went very nicely with my glass-es of Chardonnay. Nolan opted for the veal parm which was easily as big as his head. But when the waitress caught him off guard and asked him if he wanted a side of pasta or potato he absolutely panicked and said “ah….potato?”

Terrible choice. hahahha

He claims he needed to please both his Italian and Irish sides, but honestly, who gets a side potato at an Italian restaurant?!
We took 3/4 of our meals home with us in order to save room for dessert! We split a slice of strawberry cheesecake (for $3.99!!!).


It was the perfect end to the meal.

After every date we play a little game called “Second Date?” We evaluate our night together on a first-date scale and decide whether or not we would ask the other on a second date. Sometimes our date nights are disappointing and we think, eh, probably wouldn’t ask you out again! But last night was DEFINITELY second date material. 🙂

The Villa: 9/10 on the Sullivan Scale


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