If I had a million dollars….

Good Morning! I thought it would be fun to answer a little survey about myself to give everyone an opportunity to get to know me a bit better! I tried to find one that focused a little more on food and fitness since that is mostly what I talk about. Enjoy your Tuesday 🙂


Age: 24

Herbivore, or carnivore: Carnivore

Salty or sweet: Salty

Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

Favorite treat: Cold Stone creamery! ‘ It’s the most amazing ice cream place on the planetImage
Favorite season: Fall

Favorite meal of the day: Breakfast by far! Bacon, scrambled eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes.

Coffee or tea: Hazelnut coffee with milk and no sugar.

Best restaurant: John Harvard’s! They brew their own beer on the premise and have incredible burgers!

Best show on t.v: The Phantom Gourmet (until True Blood comes back)

Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid. Others have come close, but this was the first movie I ever say in theaters and nothing can top it!

Favorite appliance: Hands down my Keurig machine!!!


Dogs or cats: Dogs. Cats are evil and I am very allergic to them.

Music genre: 90’s! I love my Matchbox twenty, Gin Blossoms, and Hootie!

Death row meal: A rare steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Favorite sport to watch: football and hockey

Favorite sport to play: volleyball and baseball

Favorite form of exercise: My exercise bike

Least favorite exercise: Situps and yoga. I have zero core strength.

Current goals: To run a consecutive mile (without having an asthma attack), be more patient, and get through my wedding planning in one piece with all my friends and family still speaking to me!

Fear: Drowning

Happy place: Rock Harbor Beach, Orleans MA


Something you would change about yourself: My feet. I have tiny feet (size 3 1/2 … yup in kids) and its impossible to find shoes that don’t either light up when you walk, or have Barbie on them. Finding heels for my wedding is going to be a nightmare!

Guilty pleasure: I have a very addictive personality. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is lay in bed and watch an entire television series start to finish!

Pet peeves: When the shower curtain is left open after someone showers. IDK why this bothers me so much, but it drives me crazy when Nolan leaves it open. ALSO when I order meat rare and it comes fully cooked.

Favorite quote: “Half the victories of life come from the confidence in the belief that you’re going to win” – My grandfather 🙂

What would you do with $1,000,000: Nolan and I have discussed it and we would pay off our student loans, and open our own restaurant. Its our absolute dream!


What do you think?

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