Something Blue

I feel like this week is just flying by! Not that I’m complaining or anything 🙂 There is one more thing I accomplished this weekend that I haven’t had a chance to share yet!

On Sunday I had a rare opportunity to spend QT with my 4 bridesmaids! Two of them are my friends from high school, one of from college, and the other was my co-teacher last year. I am obviously very close to them all, however I don’t get to see them all at once very often. The occasion? Bridesmaid dress shopping!

We stopped at Uno’s first for lunch and drinks, and then headed out! It turned out to be a very productive outing, and we purchased the gowns.! One more thing to check off that To Do List!  We found the dresses at David’s Bridal (seeing a trend here?). They are the “marine” color as they call it.


Its a shade or two lighter than navy blue. Blue is both Nolan and my favorite color, so I never gave our wedding color scheme another thought. I am currently browsing for flower colors, but I am hoping for an autumn bouquet to make the blue really *pop* .

Any thoughts?

Enjoy the day 🙂


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