WIAW -Confessions of a carb-o-holic

Happy Hump day everyone! We are almost to the weekend! And since it’s that time of the week, its time for another What I Ate Wednesday! (No judging please)

7:45 Breakfast

This morning I started off with 2 whole grain waffles. These particular ones are from Trader Joe’s and they are $1.99 a box! I topped it with a frozen berry mix, also from TJ’s.

10:45 Lunch (yup, still on this schedule)

We are currently running on empty at home.. like literally zero food in the house. This is the saddest sandwich I have ever had. It was a slice of Arnold’s Protein bread with 4 slices of Oscar Meyer chicken breast. That’s it. pathetic. Luckily there had been a team breakfast at work this morning and there were still left overs in the staff room.

I had some roasted potatoes, mixed fruit, and a piece of pumpkin bread…. But then I heard my name being called by this amazing little raspberry muffin and I couldn’t resist.

I enjoyed this little baby and then another and pretty much met my carb quota for the week.

1:00 Snack.

Still too full from carbo land

5:00 Snack

I pretty much ate my weight in Wheat Thins. At least their reduced fat right?

7:00 Dinner

( the picture came out terrible sorry)

I got home very late from various jobs tonight and thank god I have my Nolan. He had dinner on the table waiting for me. Not just any dinner, but teriyake glazed salmon and steamed veggies. UGH I love love love love salmon. We buy seafood in bulk when it goes on sale and freeze it. This was the last of our supply. As I said, we have NO FOOD!!!

Now its time to fall into a food coma!


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