Chop Stick Pro

So one of the additional reasons I did 5 miles today, is because I knew I was going to have an epic lunch! My friend Matt and I are sushi lovers and we have tried out numerous places and their maki. Being a teacher, I had today off (Good Friday) so it was the perfect opportunity for a sushi date. We decided to go to Shanghai-Tokyo in Natick. What a great choice! At first I was very intimidated because there were 3 menus! if you remember, I am a terrible decision maker, but this guy set my mind at ease.

They also had a full Chinese food menu so we started with an order of pork lo mein. It was delicious!

Between the 2 of us we ordered 5 rolls. Matt got a white tuna roll, a house roll which was eel, salmon, and crab, and a spicy lobster roll. I got a spicy tuna roll, and a Philadelphia roll.

They were amazing!  Now, it is well known among our friends that I am not the best with chop sticks. HOWEVER I think I redeemed myself! (right Matt!??)


Shanghai-Tokyo: 8/10 on the Sullivan Scale

Do you have a favorite food that you try at various restaurants???


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