Cake: The Breakfast of Champions!

Good morning afternoon all! So after this morning, I can happily cross one more thing off the wedding to do list!! I had been looking forward to today’s event since the day I got engaged. Can you guess what the task was?! Wedding cake tasting! Yes I had the grueling task of testing several different flavors of cake over and over again until I was satisfied. Being a bride is such a hard job 😉

The wedding package that Nolan and I received from our wedding venue included a cake. The venue works with 4 different bakeries and we could select where we would like our cake from. After some research we selected to work with The Bean Counter.

Before we ventured to the bakery, we were contacted by the owner, and asked to select 4 different cake samples to choose from. Our package included a 3 tier round cake with up to three different flavors. The bakery then prepared 2  six inch round cake samples for us to try.

The samples we selected were chocolate cake with mocha filling, vanilla cake with white chocolate butter cream filling, vanilla cake with lemon filling, and vanilla cake with raspberry filling.

The cakes were all delicious. The cake was moist, and the fillings were just sweet enough. After careful deliberation we settled on 3 different combos. We selected the chocolate cake with mocha filling, vanilla cake with white chocolate butter cream filling, and vanilla cake with raspberry filling. The best part is that we got to take the remaining cake from the tasting home with us! I may or may not have had cake for lunch today as well 🙂

Another nice thing about this bakery is that instead of saving the top layer of cake for our 1 year anniversary, the bakery will provide us with a complementary top tier with proof of purchase on our first anniversary! This way we can eat all 3 layers at the wedding and can have fresh, un-freezer burned cake next year. Our finished product should look something like this but with blue scrolls to match the bridesmaid dresses.

On the way home, we made a spontaneous stop at The Martha Mary Chapel and I’m so glad we did! Despite my many visits to the site, and creepily peeking in the windows, I had never actually been inside! Well today was our lucky day! As we arrived, another soon to be bride was just entering the chapel to look around so we went in to do the same. 🙂

Ugh isn’t it beautiful! I just love how small and simple it is. With all the planning and running around, I forget sometimes that I’m actually getting married. Being able to go inside and actually walk down the aisle made it all feel so real.

Well with all this cake, I better do some sort of physical activity!




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