Yoga Fail

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! Personally this week is probably going to move at a snail’s pace because next week I am on VACATION!! That’s right kids, teachers are just as excited to have vacation as you are. I cannot wait.


My body has been very tight from volleyball and my run on Friday(pathetic I know) so I thought maybe I’d try some yoga this afternoon. Now let me just say that yes, it IS one of my goals to slow down and relax a bit more but I just don’t have the patience for it yet. I have tried yoga in the past and I love the  way I feel after, but I just can’t stand the people who do the videos. Its just too slow and exaggerated. Also, I never feel like I’m doing it right! I learn by doing and watching, and with most of the yoga poses, you can’t actually see the television as your doing them! I’m gunna be honest, I fast forwarded through most of the video today.



The remains of Porky are officially gone from the fridge! All weekend long we have had pork omelets, pork sandwiches, and finally a pulled pork sub with pickles. The dough is crescent rolls (Since that pizza we made,  haven’t been able to get them off my mind) and it came out so good!


Now that dinner has digested and yoga was such a bust, I’m going to try some weight lifting. Hopefully I will have better luck!



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