Got Green?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday. Mine has been pretty productive so far and I have a big night ahead of me!

Work: 2 1/2 days left until VACATION!

I did have some time last night to prep my lunch for today and I didn’t realize until I went to eat it that it all followed the same trend.

Green much??


Well, I didn’t want to go running after work, I really didn’t. But after I made a point to announce that I was bringing my workout gear with me this morning, I was able to hold myself accountable and go! Yey small victories! Truthfully I was just about to talk myself out of it when I got a text from my friend Kara saying she was willing to come with me. We walked for about 3 1/2 miles, and I was still home in time to have dinner on the table when Nolan got home from work. I love when that happens.

OH BTW, I was able to get a decent workout in last night post-yoga meltdown. Nolan has me using his bench press which is really just comical. My arms are definitely not the strongest part of my body, but I was able to bench a whopping 45lbs!! Hey its better than nothing right? I did some skull crushers also while I was at it. My wedding dress is strapless, and my arms NEED toning.


I remembered to pull some meat out of the freezer before work today so a pound of cod was nice and defrosted when I got home from my workout. Whenever fish goes on sale (particularly cod and salmon) we buy in bulk and freeze it. This batch was from a sale at Shaw’s for $3.99 per pound! We bought about 6 pounds and packaged them in 1lb portions. Who says eating healthy has to cost more?


I baked the cod in some lemon juice and lemon pepper. I steamed some asparagus and made a batch of quinoa. I swear I didn’t plan it, but mid- cooking I looked down at the box and realized my dinner was on the box!

Great minds. I added tomatos, fresh spinach, and a serving of Laughing Cow Sun-Dried Tomato Basil cheese to this batch. The cheese makes it so creamy and rich and at 35 calories a wedge, why not.

Nolan loves couscous so I thought quinoa would be an easy transition but he is still warming up to it.

Well it’s Tuesday so you know what that means?!


Yes I realize how that sounds. 🙂 Have a great night everyone


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