Stay-Cation To-Do-List

Good evening! It is Friday afternoon, which means….



I’m not excited or anything…. Even though I only have a few plans here or there, I am so siked to have some time to relax, catch up on some sleep and exercise, and have some Katy time.

I did need to set some ground rules for myself so that I don’t become a lazy hermit and waste my whole vacation eating and watching bad movies. (I’m giving myself one guilty pleasure day)

  • Be out of bed and dressed by 10 am (except on guilty pleasure day)
  • Bake at least one thing
  • Organize my drawers and take unwanted things to good will
  • Run at least 15 miles
  • Clean out my car (it looks like a bomb went off in there)
  • Make a new playlist
  • Work on my resume
  • Organize all my wedding shit stuff into a binder
  • CHALLENGE: Find 1 free thing to do each day.

Ok this list may not look like much,  but believe me, I do not joke around with my to-do-lists. I am particularly excited about the challenge I set for myself. Since it is school vacation week, many places are holding free or discounted events that I’m hoping to take full advantage of 🙂

I have a big night ahead of me. I am hosting a “bride night” at my house for Kara and I. I have snacks, wine, and countless episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings on demand. I could not be more happy!








4 thoughts on “Stay-Cation To-Do-List

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