Free Money?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! Since I’m on vacation, I certainly am 🙂

This morning I went to make breakfast and noticed there were only the end pieces left. I’m not opposed to the end pieces, but it triggered an old memory which lead me to today’s Free Fun activity!

My car decided to start today so I was able to take my end pieces of bread and go feed some hungry ducks!

There is a place down the road where ducks come every year and reap the benefits! It’s a cute little pond near a country store and a restaurant so there are always people around willing to give them their scraps. My grandparents used to take me there a few times every summer to feed the animals and then get an ice cream 🙂

Today I skipped the ice cream and went straight for the ducks! They fought over my bread like it was their last meal! It was very entertaining. I didn’t stay for too long (I left my car running just in case it decided to die) but it was nice to relive some of those old memories and enjoy another day of amazing weather.


Side Note: Yesterday a woman came to our apartment and asked us to take part in a public survey about substance abuse. She said it would take about 30 minutes each and it was completely anonymous. I was ready to push her out the door or pretend I didn’t speak English and then she said “You will each get paid $30 to participate!”

“Well come on in!”

Free money?! Yes please. A half hour later she was gone and I was $30 richer!

And this $$ couldn’t have come at a better time. I have a very exciting night ahead of me, and it definitely will not be free!


Have you ever participated in something (legal) and gotten $$ out of the deal?


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