Stubborn Runner

Well it was bound to happen. Bad day.

  • Be out of bed and dressed by 10 am (except on guilty pleasure day)
  • Bake at least one thing
  • Organize my drawers and take unwanted things to good will
  • Run at least 15 miles 11/15
  • Clean out my car (it looks like a bomb went off in there)
  • Make a new playlist
  • Work on my resume
  • Organize all my wedding shit stuff into a binder
  • CHALLENGE: Find 1 free thing to do each day.

This morning I woke up very optimistic about today! I slept great and I had big plans for my workout and something great and Free planned…. But unfortunately that was all changed very fast.


I headed over to Cushing Park this morning. My car started, so right off it was a good morning!

The birds were chirping, the sun was out, and the weather was a perfect 65 degrees.

It was the perfect day for a run. Since I didn’t run yesterday, I was planning on doing 5 miles which would have brought me to my mileage goal for my vacation. But then everything started going wrong.

Issue Number One:

First off, I know this is silly but, I was instantly annoyed because there were a ton of kids on bikes. It’s not the kids that bother me, but their unpredictability. They are crazy on those bikes! And you would think their parents would teach them to ride on the right side of the path, or at least tell them to get out of the runners’ way but they didn’t seem to care as I had to weave around them and almost got run over several times.

Issue Number Two:

I do not typically run with my phone, but today I was expecting a call and I didn’t want to sit around and wait for it and risk losing out on a perfect run day. Well I had just hit my stride and I looked down and realized that somewhere in the previous mile I had lost my phone. I was able to find it, but I had to back track quite a bit.

Issue Number Three:

My headphones just would not stay in my ears today! IDK if anyone else ever has this problem but its the most annoying thing when you are trying to run and they keep falling out. I definitely need to invest in better headphones.

Issue Number Four:

As I rounded the 1 mile mark, I noticed a tightening in my right leg. All of the sudden it felt like I was running with a log for a leg. This happens from time to time but I have always been able to walk it off. Not today. Today it got so tight I thought it might pop. From my knee down it was tingling and hurt when I put weight on it. I toughened it out for another 1/4 mile and I had to call it quits. I was pissed so mad. My 5 mile run had become a measly 1 mile and my Free Fun activity was definitely out the window because it was fitness related. I am hoping it was just dehydration because I haven’t been drinking much water.

This all just instantly put me in a terrible mood and really set me into a funk. I  hate when my routine is thrown off and things do not go as planned. On top of it all my body was feeling very blah and gross today. It wasn’t until I looked back at my last few entries that I discovered what the problem probably is …

Are we noticing a trend? I realized I have eaten out a ton over this vacation and probably enjoyed one too many local brews. Did I mention I went out to dinner tonight too? I got a salad, but still.

It’s so hard sometimes because at my age, most of my friends live with their parents so the only way we can “hang out” is by going to a restaurant or pub. I know that’s no excuse and it’s certainly not helping my bridal beauty or budget.

I am hoping tomorrow I wake up with a better attitude. I have some fun wedding errands so hopefully that will put me in a good mood 🙂

When something doesn’t go as planned, do you shrug it off or let it ruin your spirits?

I let it ruin my spirits. I am not always the most flexible person. At least I admit it right?


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