Burgers, Beer, and Baseball

Good Morning! I had a fantastic night of food, fun and baseball 🙂

Obviously if you live in Massachusetts you know how important the Boston Red Sox are to our culture. I try to go at at least 2 games a season, but after our successful 2004 and 2007 seasons, the prices in Fenway are insane. (Notice how I said “our success” as if I was batting cleanup) In the past I have paid as much as $100 a ticket to sit in the last row of the park. Well the Sox are going through a tough time right now, but the silver lining? $20 tickets!

My friend Teresa and I headed into Boston nice and early. Before we went to the game, we decided to checkout The Bleacher Bar. I had recently heard about this restaurant and it honestly sounded too good to be true. This bar is actually under the bleachers at Fenway Park! The best part? One whole wall of the bar is a screen so you can see right onto the field!

How cool is that?! There are about 5 tables that are right in front of the screen, and there is a 45 minute time limit at these tables which is key because I could have easily sat there all day long. When the game starts a glass door comes down so no one can heckle the players. Heckle? Boston fans? no way! 😉

*Hello batting practice!*

While we watched the guys get ready, we ordered some food and of course a few local brews.

I had the local Harpoon IPA and then one of my favorite summer beers, Wachusett Blueberry. I love fruit infused beer and Wachusett does it best in my opinion. Both beers are brewed in Massachusetts.

For food, I got a classic cheeseburger.

It was very good, and I was excited to see it nice and pink inside. I hate when I order food rare and it comes back cooked 😦 Baseball, beer, and a burger. What could possibly be better?

After eating we headed upstairs for the game!

There really isn’t a bad seat in Fenway Park.

The Monsta

I don’t want to discuss the outcome of the game, but lets just say a lot of fans left in the 6th inning. That was great for us, because we could sit where ever we wanted!

Even with a loss, we had such a great time singing Sweet Caroline, heckling the opposing team, and watching drunk people get kicked out of the bleachers. I also had  a personal victory! Remember that $30 I got? I stuck to my budget and spent exactly $29.50!


Bleacher Bar: 6/10 on the Sullivan Scale


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