Embarrasing Gym Experience

I feel like I have been saying this a lot lately but it has been such a busy day already! Typically I hate having a ton of stuff to do, but since I’m on vacation it’s all fun stuff! (Also I realized I forgot to add some pics from yesterday’s baseball game. They are there now)

  • Be out of bed and dressed by 10 am (except on guilty pleasure day)
  • Run at least 15 miles 
  • CHALLENGE: Find 1 free thing to do each day.

You may remember a few days ago I mentioned I had something Free and Fun planned that I had to cancel due to my inability to really move. Well I rescheduled for this morning and got it in nice and early.

I am cat sitting for one of my friends while she is on vacation this week. Her condo complex has a fitness center and she is also letting me gym-sit for her while she is gone! Free gym?! Yes please! I got off to an early start today and got there around 9:45. ( I realize that’s not as early as some crazy gym people but I am certainly not a morning person.) I was the only one there and it was heaven.

I did 2 miles on the treadmill and then I headed downstairs to the weightlifting area. Thank god I was the only one there. I have been to a gym once or twice before, but I typically just do cardio because the machines just scare me.

Like this one? What the hell heck does this do!? I must have looked ridiculous as I walked around, and tried to figure out how to work the machines. As I was in the middle of pulling and pushing on a machine to figure it out, a group tour entered the gym. Fail.

Eventually I found one or two that I could figure out handle. I wish I could tell you what the machines were called and what they did but all I know is I was sweating and my arms and shoulders kill!

Post workout snack:

Can you tell I am a creature of habit with a slightly addictive personality? I was kinda bummed this morning because I only had one  bar left and then I got a visit from my fairy Godmother and now I am set for a while!

I have to take a moment here to say what an incredible family I have. They are honestly the most supportive, positive, and loving people in the world and I could not be more grateful! 🙂

Speaking of which I got a call from my grandmother this morning asking if I wanted to meet her for lunch. I have really been trying to eat good, and not go out, but she said Panera and I was in! Free Fun# 2 of the day!

(Do we have good genes or what?! She is almost 80.)

I got what I always get at Panera, A Mediterranean veggy sandwich and a Caesar salad.

I was starving at this point so I didn’t care that the picture was blurry.

Now I plan to sit back and watch the Red Sox 100th anniversary game against the Yankees ( I cried throughout the opening ceremony when I saw Yaz and Johnny Pesky). I’m only human right?


Do you have any embarrassing gym stories?!


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