Wedding Flowers

What a day! I feel like I have been go go go all day. Here as a to-do-list update!

  • Be out of bed and dressed by 10 am (except on guilty pleasure day)
  • Bake at least one thing
  • Organize my drawers and take unwanted things to good will
  • Run at least 15 miles 13/15
  • Clean out my car (it looks like a bomb went off in there)
  • Make a new playlist
  • Work on my resume
  • Organize all my wedding shit stuff into a binder
  • CHALLENGE: Find 1 free thing to do each day.

The weather is still fantastic so I decided to give running another try today. Before I went, I tried some simple yoga moves to loosen up and stretch my legs. I was looking through an old magazine and I found a simple workout that I thought even I could handle.

Since the last yoga session went terribly, I was hesitant going into it but it felt really good to stretch today and my legs were feeling great. I was accompanied by my favorite running partner today and we had a nice 2 mile run. Then I had to run home and shower because I had some fun wedding errands to run today!

My mom and I had an appointment  at The Frugal Florist to pick out the centerpieces for the wedding. Our wedding package includes the arrangements, so all we had to do was choose the type and color flowers we wanted. I knew I wanted something in the fall color scheme but I don’t know a thing about flowers. After looking through some catalogs and seeing our options, we decided to go with low round glass vases of flowers. They will be a combination of roses, Calla Lilies , and Gerber Daisies in an array of oranges, yellows, and reds. It should look a little like this…


In all we were in the flower shop for about 20 minutes. The woman was amazed at how laid back and easy tempered we were haha. One more thing off the wedding check list! Also, while I was in the wedding mood, I organized all my wedding receipts into a binder! There are so many receipts and contracts to keep track of, its insane.


After our appointment I was off to today’s Free Fun!  My brother Brian is a sophomore in high school and was pitching in his baseball game today so I decided to go cheer him on!

With two brothers who played baseball, I spent most of my childhood at fields and I loved every minute of it. My town takes baseball to an extreme and its fun to be apart of.  He played an incredible game and even made the newspaper this morning:

Mustangs 7, WHITINSVILLE 0: Sophomore Brian went the distance, scattering seven hits and striking out five to lead the Mustangs (3-4) to a non-league victory over Whitinsville. Brian also went 3-for-4 with two RBIs, while senior Kenny  finished 2-for-3 with a double and a RBI for the Mustangs.

So proud :-)It was nice to sit outside and relax and spend some time with the family.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers

  1. I love the sound of your flowers – calla lilies and daisys would be my pick too!

    You made me think about starting a wedding binder for receipts too. I was just thinking that other day how many contracts/receipts to keep organized and upcoming due dates for payments…eek

    • The paperwork involved with getting married it intense! I had no idea! I got a simple 10 pocket binder at target for like 6 dollars. I have this fear that I am going to show up to my wedding and none of the venders will be there so I keep the papers so I can double check that I told everyone the right time and place 🙂

  2. Town baseball is a great escape, our boys play and we catch as many other games as we can. We know most of the kids from coaching little league over the years…so musch fin in spring..

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