Our Three Little Pigs

“Don’t forget to feed the pigs!”

This phrase is said often in our household, not because we live on a farm but because we are currently trying to save save save! Meet our 3 little pigs!

From left to right: Quarter Pig, Wedding/Honeymoon Pig, and Money Pig.

Each of these pigs has a special purpose.

Quarter Pig holds quarters for laundry, and Money Pig is for loose change.

Wedding Pig is for paper money of any kind.

We bought Wedding Pig right after we got engaged. So far she has collected over $600!!! Its amazing how fast a  5 dollar bill here and there can add up!

This morning I opened the fridge and realized we were slacking. So I rounded up a few scratch tickets we had hanging on the fridge, and Money Pig and I headed to the grocery store.

We had $11 on the tickets, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much Money Pig was packin!

I ended up with all these goodies for only $5 out of my own pocket

Another pretty productive morning so far. Right now I plan on sitting on the couch with my new magazine and watch an episode of The Phantom Gourmet.


6 thoughts on “Our Three Little Pigs

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