It Passed the Smell Test

Today was a longgggggg day! One of the hardest parts of today? Not being able to eat whenever I wanted! I was so used to just snacking and cooking whenever I was hungry (or bored or watching tv) but today I had to actually wait until lunch and snack time.

By the time I got home today I was famished! I found some leftover pork tenderloin in the back of the fridge (don’t recall making it but it passed the smell test). Along with a few cheap odds and ends we had, I made this!

Pork Tenderloin Stir-fry

The ingredients:

This weekend when Money Pig and I did some shopping I picked up some stir-fry mixes that were on sale $1 each


The snap stir-fry included onions, pea pods, mushrooms, and carrots. The pepper bag was made up of red green and yellow bell peppers and onions.

When I am making stir-fry I love to add these pineapple pieces from Trader Joe’s

And finally… Ramen. Yes, Ramen noodles! For .10 cents a pack, these asian noodles are perfect for stir-fry. We use the noodles and save the flavor packet for other recipes.

As every college student knows, Ramen takes 6 minutes to cook in the microwave. In that time I cut up the pork, and threw in in the electric skillet with the veggies and pineapple. Add cooked noodles, low sodium soy sauce, and Jamaican Jerk Sauce and you have yourself a meal.


This sauce is so good and it has a little kick to it too which Nolan loves. It is also only 20 calories per tbsp.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Total Cost: around $2.70

Total Calories: According to Myfitnesspal its about 300 calories a serving.

Total Time to Prepare: 11 minutes

Tonight I plan on watching J.Edgar on the couch. We watched The Descendents last night and I really liked it! Hopefully I will be 2/2 . Leo is in this movie, so it’s already good in my book.



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