My Puzzling Playlist

I have zero motivation to workout today, even though it’s Biggest Loser Night. Usually that gets me in the mood to sweat a little but not today. Not even the fact that my wedding is 165 days away ( I have a countdown app on my phone) is getting my ass in gear. So I am hoping that the excitement of a new playlist on my ipod will help me out.

I will start off by saying that I have very bizarre tastes in music. I am very impressionable, and I tend to like polar opposite sounds and genres. My absolute favorite however is 90’s music. I love my Matchbox Twenty, Gin Blossoms, Hootie and the Blowfish, and pretty much every pop star and boy band there was. Hey I was a tween in the 90s!


Oh Rob Thomas ❤

My first CD was Now, the original! I think they are currently up to Now 42. Nolan on the other hand actually plays guitar so his taste in music is from a musician’s stand point and he appreciates the instruments and chords more than the voices and lyrics.

Nolan circa 2006. This was taken 2 weeks after we started dating 🙂 I think he still has these jeans.

My current playlist is hilarious. It ranges from Adele to Eminem to Muse to State Radio. Very eclectic to say the least.

When I make a playlist I obviously like to find songs I love, but I also search for songs with a beat that will match my strides. It gives me something to focus on and help to pace myself. I also like to find slower songs to throw in the middle to help calm my breathing and clear my mind. I am still piecing it together but here are some of the songs that have made the cut. No judging please.

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

Till I Collapse – Eminem

Drive By – Train

On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz

Down for the Count- Girl Talk

Cough Syrup- Young the Giant

Somebody I Used to Know -Gotye

We Are Young- FUN

Play Your Part (1) – Girl Talk

Thrash Unreal- Against Me!

See I told you it’s crazy! Nolan introduced me to Girl Talk. It’s mash-ups of songs and its insanely catchy! They mix up songs that you would never think should/would go together and it just works. I love working out to it because each song is like 5 minutes long and the sound changes so many times it never gets boring.

I am hoping these songs do the trick. I will happily take any song selections anyone recommends!


What is your favorite song/artist/genre of music to workout to?


9 thoughts on “My Puzzling Playlist

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  4. I have been singing cough syrup over and over again in my head since I woke up this morning… I may or may not have watched the Glee episode it is in more than once recently… so random that you have it on this playlist! Glad you liked skinny taste.. I’m obsessed.

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