There’s A Llama at the Library

I left my phone at home this morning, so I was unable to photograph any of my food today so this week it will be What I Ate Thursday 🙂

I am glad to see everyone is as repulsed and confused about Barbie Girl as I was! So wrong.

I am in the middle of an intense Game 7 right now (GO BRUINS) so I will keep it quick. One of my goals from vacation that I plan to keep in the regular routine is Free Fun. I had so much fun hunting for free events and with my current budget and wedding expenses, I need all the free stuff I can get!

Today I was on my way home and I found Free Fun in the parking lot of my local library.

*I had kids with me so this was totally appropriate btw.*


There was food, a petting zoo, a moon bounce, pony rides, and a camel ride. I had to restrain myself from attacking the fried dough lady. Self control.

We were amazed at some of the animals they had! The kids absolutely loved it and it was a nice change of pace. It was a bit strange seeing moneys, cheetahs and camels hanging out in the middle of a parking lot, but it was enjoyable just the same. And It was free 🙂



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