Beer Bath

What a day. I was go go go and now I’m about to crash.

I tried to remember to take pictures of my food today for a WIAW post but I forgot again. Oh well there is always next week. Getting back into a routine after my vacation had been harder than I anticipated.

I can’t explain it but this week has flown by, even though each day has dragged on. It doesn’t make sense but its true.

I had volleyball tonight and when I got home I was irrationally starving!!! It was 9:00 but I really wanted to go out for food. I didn’t have to do much arm twisting for Nolan to agree 🙂

We headed out to British Beer Company.

Its basically English style pub food with a very extensive beer menu. I always feel guilty when I go here and order a bud light but most of their beer is $7. I’m sorry but unless I’m at Fenway or the Garden, I’m not paying that.

As I said I was starving so we did something we typically don’t and ordered an appetizer. MMMMM onion rings! You can never go wrong ordering these.

I am embarrassed to say I housed most of these yummy rings.

I ordered a turkey tip entree that came with mashed potatoes and fried green beans.

I was very skeptical about the green beans but they were actually very good. I just felt like I should be dipping them in something fry-style. The tips were very good, but the marinade was a little too sweet for my taste buds.  Nolan got the fish n’ chips which was also delicious. We were constantly eating off each others’ plates which made for a nice little surf and turf.

I wouldn’t categorize Nolan or myself as spontaneous so it was a nice little spur of the moment date. Everything was going  great and he was definitely going to get a second date…. and then he spilled a beer all over me. He is so lucky he’s cute and the Chapel already cashed our deposit.

Now I am passing the heck out! I am soooo excited about tomorrow night. I get to go see my favorite comedian Lewis Black! It should be hilarious and very entertaining 🙂 Good night all!

British Beer Company: 6/10 on the Sullivan scale


2 thoughts on “Beer Bath

  1. Those onion rings bring me back to the my highschool days where my girlfriends and I would split a bloomin’ onion at Chili’s or Outback! Looks so good!

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