The DJ is Dead and I Look Like A…..

Last night I had my first wedding nightmare.

At the reception the DJ was a very angry woman, and for our first dance, she started playing “Jlo’s Waiting for Tonight”.


Nolan and I still are not sure what song we will dance to, but “Waiting for Tonight” will definitely NOT be it. I laughed it off and told her to change it and she proceeded to put on an Eminem song. Awesome. I then proceeded to chase her around the ball room threatening to kill her with my cake knife. Bridezilla much?!

Then I looked down and my dress was short. Very short. Like inappropriate for public short. I also realized that I forgot to even put on my veil and headpiece.

Then people started to leave because the food was terrible, the DJ was dead, and I looked like a hooker.  I woke up in a cold sweat.

Throughout this wedding planning process I have been very stress free and relaxed. We received an excellent wedding package through our venue, so most of the work was already done for us. Of course there have been a few snags and angry emails but hey, its a wedding. Everyone has been telling me to expect at least one significant thing to go wrong and up until now I have accepted that info. But if any of the things that occurred in my dream happen on the big day, I just might lose it!


If you are or have gotten married, have you ever had any wedding nightmares?



2 thoughts on “The DJ is Dead and I Look Like A…..

  1. Ahh, what a nightmare! I feel the same way, I have been fairly stress free the whole time which everyone keeps saying will change. It sounds like you really are on top of things so don’t worry 🙂 I haven’t had any nightmares yet!

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