Earth Day Celebration

Good afternoon  all! Hope everyone is having a productive day so far. I know I certainly have!

This morning I put on my workout gear and headed off to the gym. On my way I made a quick pit stop. Our town is having an Earth Day Festival today! (Free Fun!)

“Earth Day Festival is a community event where local municipal and environmental groups, green/eco businesses, great food, artisans, non-profits and musicians come together to celebrate our wonderful Earth on the Centre Common!”


It was a beautiful day and with the music playing, everyone was having a great time! Local farmers came to sell crops and promote organic farming, and many were giving out free samples! I even picked up some goodies while I was there!

This is the perfect gift for a very special birthday boy today 🙂


This week I stumbled upon a Groupon for a local gym that my friend Kara goes to. The deal was too good to pass up, so we went today for a quick workout. We were the only ones there which was fantastic. It gave me a chance to explore a little 🙂 This gym even has a sauna! So excited to give that a try.

The Groupon deal is good for 12 visits, however the 18 year old at the desk didn’t know how to process my temporary membership so he just let me in 🙂 I can definitely see myself joining this gym after this expires. Today was actually the first time I worked out to my new playlist and it was perfect! Every time I started to get bored, a great song started up and kept me going!

On my way home I stopped by the field to watch Brian’s game.

Now I have to shower and get ready for a special birthday night. A night of friends, fun and food awaits 🙂



What do you do to conserve energy or protect our environment?


10 thoughts on “Earth Day Celebration

  1. There is nothing like fresh homemade foods from a farmer’s market or fair! Enjoy! Thought of you at Trader Joe’s today!

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