Nothing Like A Free Laugh

Last night I had the pleasure of attending  a Lewis Black comedy show… for Free!!!.


He is my absolute favorite comedian. My friend (and bridesmaid) Teresa started and runs her own online magazine called MAME. She started MAME Magazine in 2000 as a way to meet some of her favorite music and movie stars and has been very successful. A fun perk of her success has been free tickets and press passes to countless shows and events.


When she called me on Tuesday and asked me if I wanted to go see Lewis Black FOR FREE I could not say yes fast enough!

We first saw Lewis in the summer of 2006 at Hampton Beach.

If you are not familiar with his stand up, he is known for pointing out the obvious, and for his love hate relationship with the USA. What makes his routine so comical is that he is merely stating our current economic, political and social situations with perfect timing and sarcasm. He really makes you think about how absurd and poor some of our policies and lack of decision making skills as a country can be.

He also talked about social media and television and how too many options has given everyone in our country A.D.D and that’s why we cannot accomplish anything anymore.

One of my favorite “jokes” of the night went something like this…

“Our country pays 75% more for health care and our people live shorter lives…. That’s not a joke, its true! I think at 75%, we should be able to walk into any 7-11 or corner store and buy a new liver whenever we need it.”

After a long week at work it was great to relax and have a few laughs. The venue was also gorgeous.

We were the last row in the theater and we could still see perfectly.

Well I have a very hectic but fun day ahead of me and it’s starting with some more Free Fun, and some fitness. It’s a beautiful day outside and I don’t intend on wasting it.


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