A Million Miles a Minute

Good morning all! I literally have a million things blowing through my mind right now and I thought I would vent a bit this morning since I’m not sleeping that fantastically.

1# Remember last Friday when I went to the Lewis Black comedy show in Worcester?


If not, educate yourself here. WELL The review I wrote was just published in MAME Magazine. Look for it under the “etc” menu 🙂

#2 Yesterday I came home to the unpleasant smell of sour food. APPARENTLY we left the fridge open all.day.long. AWESOME.     R.I.P Milk

#3 I am currently working on my resume for a teaching job next year. 30 more days of the school year! It is such a stressful time of year for new educators and we are all at the mercy of the governor and next years budget.


#4 Nolan and I are meeting with our Justice of the Peace representative in 2 weeks. She wants to know “why we love each other” and “how we communicate”. UGH! That first question might be the first question in my life I want to answer by saying “Because I said so!” I don’t know why I am stressed out about this but I am.

#5 My body KILLS from Tuesday’s workout. I  seriously worked on my arms and this morning I could barely get my shirt on.

#6 156 days until I am Mrs. Sullivan 🙂

#7 The Bruins lost in the playoffs a few weeks ago and we are still desperately trying to recover by pretending it never took place and without actually talking about it. (The full proof Irish way of dealing with problems.)

#8 It has been dark and rainy for the past 3 days and that is doing NOTHING for my motivation!

#9 Came across this little gem last night:


Yup.  This person exists.

I will leave you with your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “A Million Miles a Minute

  1. Omg that person isn’t real.. ahh that is horrific.

    I totally understand being nervous about going to the JP to talk. Just remember, there are no wrong answers and when it comes down to it, I bet you’ll being answering easily without even thinking. I think many times JPs or Priests want to help with the communication aspect of relationships (I think it’s the most important and the one that can always use some work!) My friend who did pre-cana alwasy said the point of these questions isn’t to test you or find faults in your relationship but to just make it even better!

    • I know it’s not a test and that it is meant to help, I just get nervous. I’m sure once we get there it will be fine and everything will flow naturally. We also get to design our ceremony and I’m afraid I’m gunna mess it all up somehow!

  2. I completely understand how you are feeling with the weather! Everyday feels like a lazy day movie day…except life is happening.
    Are you applying for jobs in your area? What’s you certification in?

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