The Phantom Strikes Again!

Good morning all! I had a busy night last night and a post just wasn’t happening. After volleyball  I got to work on prepping tonight’s dinner! It is currently cooking away in our new crock pot!


Nolan and I received something very exciting in the mail this week!

We are so excited to attend this year’s Hot Dog Safari hosted by The Phantom Gourmet! As you may know, we love the Phantom and have already attended several of their events.

Last year we attended the Food Festival…

and most recently I attended the Wine and Food Phest.

(me and the host are best friends now haha)

We have not attended the Safari in the past due to schedule conflicts, but this year we are ready! The event description is as follows:

“The Phantom Gourmet Hot Dog Safari is MORE than hot dogs, and ALL to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Joey Fund. This indoor and outdoor event features parties inside all the restaurants/bars plus food and fun all over Lansdowne Street.”

Some of the local restaurants that will be donating free food for the event are Pearl hot dogs, Harrows Chicken Pie, The Sausage Guy, Fuddruckers, Firefly’s BBQ, and Cabby Shack. It’s a great opportunity to try the best dishes at local restaurants that you normally could not go to. This is an opportunity we will take FULL advantage of 🙂

Also, the money and benefits go to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, which is especially important to my family. For more info, visit the Phantom Gourmet website!

My mouth is literally watering right now, but it’s time for work. Happy Friday everyone!!!!


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