Running Off the Stress

Good morning!  Or should I say gray morning.

This weather is the worst! I was really hoping to eat this morning’s breakfast on the balcony but its way too cold and depressing out.

Two whole grain waffles topped with Tj’s frozen cherry mix, and a hard boiled egg. At least I have one of my favorite k-cup flavors to brighten my morning. 🙂



I mentioned yesterday that I had a terrible, stressful week at work. I was successfully able to turn that negativity into motivation at the gym yesterday afternoon. I was so amped up from my frustration that I had THE BEST workout of my entire life.

#1 The people are still baffled by my Groupon so they let me in for free. That’s 3 gym sessions that I haven’t paid for.

#2 It was dead! There was no one there so I was free to try any and all machines without looking stupid.



My goal was to run another consecutive mile on the treadmill. Everyone was so great and supportive and many of you commented on how after conquering that first mile, the rest is a piece of cake! I am happy to report that you could not have been more right!

After the first mile I set a goal of 1 1/2. I was watching the tvs, and jamming out to my playlist and all the sudden I looked down.

I nearly fell off the machine when I saw I had already ran 2 miles without stopping! Clearly I was not going for speed lol. I felt like I could have gone another 1/2 mile without hurting but I didn’t wanna push too hard because I am planning on going back there this morning.

At this point  there were a few other people in  the gym so I couldn’t do the full on happy dance as I wanted, but it was an incredible feeling, and one I NEVER thought I would accomplish.

This morning I can barely move. My calves are killing me so I am not anticipating much of a stellar workout today, but anything is better than nothing. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Running Off the Stress

  1. Congratulations!!! A great trick is to put a towel over the numbers on the machine. You’ll be surprised what your body can accomplish! 🙂
    Oh, and those waffles look delicious. TJ’s?

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