5 Months to Go!

So before I recap this week, let me be a bride and say 5 MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! Honestly it still feels forever away, but time has been flying by lately. We are in a planning lull, but it should be picking up soon. The next few things will be: planning the shower, the food tasting (we are especially excited about this one), and registering for gifts. These will all be fun and hopefully stress free.

Week 1 Goals:

  • Finish my resume
  • Find 1 free thing to do
  • Cook all my meals- no restaurants (on weeknights)
  • Try yoga again and give it a chance
  • Go to the gym 3 times

All but one thing accomplished which I think is pretty good for week 1. Number 3 was especially difficult this week. I had to cancel plans twice with friends because I didn’t want to spend the extra $$ and calories. I managed to only have 1 bad meal this week which is great! In the past I have gone out for a meal 2-4 times a week. Small victory!

Today’s meals so far: I am really working hard on balance this week btw

An egg mess with egg beaters, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and the rest of the leftover tilapia from earlier this week.

Lunch was a fiesta pulled chicken sandwich with spinach and a side of red peppers and hummus. Getting rid of these leftovers is great!


As I was working on my resume today, I was stressed. I hate the unknown and I hate change. Anyone in the teacher world right now knows that the market is slim, and with budget cuts from the government in Massachusetts, getting slimmer.

I was having a rough one until I went down stairs and checked my mailbox for the first time all week. There on top of this week’s coupons was a package from “A fan”. (This fan happens to live where my aunt lives 🙂 ) I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised by the goodies inside!

I have the BEST family 🙂  🙂 I can’t wait to use these headphones at the gym this week and not have them flopping out my my ears every 2 minutes. Nolan was immediately eying the gift card, so it looks like I have a hot date night in my future.

I also did some minor baking today! Don’t freak out, it can hardly be called baking.

“Just add egg and milk.”  That’s my kinda baking. I got a little crazy and added a banana and some Cinnamon to the mix. Of course I forgot that the last time I baked muffins I burnt the hell out of them and had to throw the tins away, so these ended up being a blueberry banana muffin loaf. Still tasted good!

I also worked on this week’s goals. Some are repeats, and some are more ambitious.

This week’s goals:

  • Go to the gym 3 times
  • Cook all my meals on weeknights (accept Thursday because I won’t be home 🙂 More to come )
  • Balance my meals in a healthy way
  • Drink 3 water bottles of water a day
  • Find 1 free thing to do
  • Try yoga again

For the rest of the day I will be watching Sex in the City re-runs and enjoying the last hours of the weekend in my pajamas.


Anyone have any good yoga videos to recommend? I think with an exciting up beat trainer, I could get into the yoga craze.


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