Frozen Yogurt and Abraham Lincoln

Good morning all! I am currently sipping some coffee and watching the newest episodes of the Phantom Gourmet. I love my Sunday mornings 🙂 Time to fill everyone in on my delicious after dinner treat yesterday!

After yesterday’s amazing meal at John Harvard’s, we headed over to Mad Willies for some frozen yogurt. I have heard great things about this small shop, but I had never actually been there. I am kicking myself now because it was soooooo good!

They have over 75 frozen yogurt flavors! I was immediately overwhelmed, but in a good way.

I went with vanilla frozen yogurt with crushed Twix bars!

Nolan got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

and Matt got Mango.

Ugh.  To make matters worse, as I was leaving they gave me a club card and stamped it 3 times for today’s purchase. After 11 yogurts I get 1 free. This is going to be a problem. Did I mention it’s right by my gym? (which let me in again for free yesterday. That’s 4 visits free so far 🙂  )


After we got our yogurt on, we walked to the town common for some Free Fun! Today’s free fun was a civil war encampment. People come dress up and depict how people lived during the 1800s and re-enact the Civil War.

Even Abraham Lincoln turned out for today’s event!

Yes honest Abe himself was there to answer questions and discuss his presidency. Strange but educational I guess. It was entertaining to say the least. Dinner, dessert an a show. Good times!



4 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt and Abraham Lincoln

  1. That place looks great! It’s so funny how when a menu has so many creative choices, we often go for a comforting, old standby classic like vanilla. I probably would’ve done the same. 🙂 Great choice!

    • I know it! Next time (in the very near future) I’m gunna stretch out of my zone and go for something fruity. Of course that’s my plan…we will see when I actually get there hahaha

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