Bake Sales: Friend or Foe?

Good evening all! Everyone having a good start to the work week? Today in Massachusetts started the second round of MCAS testing. My grade takes the math exam today and tomorrow. It’s so stressful for the kids and teachers, and I’m not going to get into the negative ramifications these “assessments” have on our academic system. No, on this day there was another hot topic buzzing around the teacher’s lounge. I am referring to this “headline” news story here.


While I agree with most of Massachusetts’ efforts to make our school’s healthy environments that promote nutrition and living an active lifestyle, this is something I just cannot get behind.  I think this takes it too far, and the cons outweigh the pros.

Bake sales have been a productive way for schools to raise money, necessary for its students to participate in events. In the past our school system has used proceeds to buy uniforms, fund field trips, hold school dances, and put on school productions.


The school I currently work in has a healthy snack policy. This means that there are no unhealthy vending machine items, no ice cream, no candy in the classroom, and birthday boys and girls must bring in a healthy snack to celebrate with.


The funny thing is that the teachers seem to be more upset by this rule than the children. The kids are just as content to pass out fresh fruit and Gogurt to their friends, as long as they hear the song “Happy Birthday” sang in their honor. Meanwhile teachers are conducting back-door chocolate deals.


A major argument in our school system against this junk-food-policy is the fact that many of our students come from low income families who can only afford the Little Debbie cakes and other prepackaged junk which raises the question:

Is junk food better than no food?(This on topic with the walk for hunger that took place this past weekend in Boston)


I’m very curious to hear some on your thoughts on this issue. I have certainly heard both sides of this issue and both parties have valid points.


Should we be teaching our children that some things are good in moderation or to stay away from all treats?

Is this really the best way to approach the health issues in our country and childhood obesity?

Is junk food better than no food?


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