Something Borrowed, Something… Cheetah?

Good morning!

I had a very difficult decision to make this morning thanks to a few boxes I acquired yesterday. I got a coupon in the mail from Bed Bath and Beyond and immediately thought of one thing and one thing only; K- cups!

Lots and lots of K-cups! These are a few of my favorite flavors and it made choosing this morning’s cup impossible. I literally did a round of “eeny meeny miny mo” and landed on this one!

This is an all time favorite. After I make it the whole house smells like maple syrup. 🙂

Ok back to today’s topic! Wedding shoes!

***Back story: This past Christmas my grandmother got me these silk cheetah print pajamas that I love but Nolan HATES. I don’t think its the pjs, but more my attitude when I wear them. I tend to make cheetah noises and act very obnoxiously simply because it really bugs him. It’s become a whole big thing and its really fun…for me. Needless to say when I found these little babies at T.J.Maxx I could not pass them up!

I love them. Now you won’t be able to see them with my big dress, but knowing I have a little bit of cheetah with me on my big day makes me smile 🙂

They also have the perfect amount of heel so it will be somewhat easier for me to dance with my 6 foot 3 husband, and walk around without falling (hopefully).

Enjoy your Monday everyone!


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