On an Island in the Sun….

I wanna give a HUGE thanks to everyone for 1. all the get well soon love and 2. keeping me entertained while I was stuck at home on the couch. It means a lot 🙂 I am happy to report I am heading back to work today.


I just cannot get over this terrible weather! For the past week and a half it has been dark, rainy, and cold here in Massachusetts. It is impossible to be upbeat and motivated with all this rain! So I thought I would take everyone on a field trip to a warm, tropical place!

This is the Lifestyle Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic. It is newly renovated and it’s all inclusive. This magical place is filled with surf, sun, and an all you can eat sushi bar! Can you guess why I am sharing this with you?



You guessed it! This is where Nolan and I are going on our honeymoon!

(This pic was taken just hours before he popped the question 🙂 )

I can already feel the sunburn! We booked our honeymoon through Cheapcarribean.com. I heard about this site from Courtney’s blog and after looking at the website, we called and booked something asap! The people we spoke to were incredible and so helpful. We had never booked a trip like this (we are campers, not hotel-ers) so we were relieved to find something so easy and stress free. Everything is included in this package and we got an INCREDIBLE deal! Some of the things included are:

  • 7 days and 6 nights in a Honeymoon suite at the resort
  • Round trip flight to Puetro Plata
  • A car service to pick us up and drop us off at the airport
  • The “Newlywed Package” which includes romantic dinners on the beach, champagne etc…
  • All non motorized water sports (snorkeling, windsurfing, paddle boats, etc..)
  • Access to the VIP all you can eat sushi bar on the beach each day (we are VERY excited for this)
  • Access to 3 all inclusive sister resorts all within walking distance

All of this for UNDER $1,500 TOTAL! This travel site does a lot of business with this particular resort, and we called during a 50% off promotion. We also opted for the travel insurance just in case, and for any day it rains we get a $100 voucher. These are some of the photos from the site:

If it looks a quarter as nice as it looks in these pictures from the website, I will be happy! Some other things the resort offers is :

  • Bali-beds on the beach
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 5 restaurants
  • Pools
  • A night club
  • Poolside bars
  • 4 lounge bars
  • New fitness center
  • Outdoor sport courts (volleyball and tennis)

There are many more, but these are the ones we will probably take advantage of! This is the perfect vacation for two very indecisive people because everything is right there! It’s hard to believe that in just 150 days we will be here! To be honest I am already there in my mind 🙂


Where did you/would you like to go on your honeymoon? Did you go immediately after your wedding? What was your favorite part of the trip? (keep it pg13 please 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “On an Island in the Sun….

  1. Your destination looks beautiful! Don’t think I did’t catch that all you can eat sushi bar in there either. 😉 We have been talking and we’re torn. Either Italy, because it’s always been a dream, or someplace like Hawaii where it’s more relaxation than touring.

    • I like the idea of looking somewhere more relaxing than tourist-y. I know that all I will want to do after the wedding is sit and relax for a week and collect my thoughts and some sleep 🙂

      • That’s what I was thinking too. Italy is more a a second honeymoon place. I don’t want to be running around trying to see everything.

  2. Wow that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, I cannot wait to see your recap. I have been looking for all-inclusive resorts to go to but I’ve been unsure what to book since some look like they could potentially be sketchy and sandals is just downright expensive.

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