Teacher Appreciation Week

Good morning! I am trying to get an early start because it is supposed to be a gorgeous day here in Boston and I cannot wait  to sit out in the sun and relax. I have some quick Mother’s Day errands to run, and then I have a gym date with Kara.


As many of you are aware, this past week was “teacher appreciation week.”


Teachers – the people who educate us and give us the vital knowledge which we need to live our lives. They encourage, support, discipline and prepare us for the road ahead and now it’s time for us to show them our appreciation.”

This year our PTO did a fantastic job keeping the teachers happy and very well fed! Each day we had a different treat to look forward to.

Monday- Muffins and coffee

Tuesday- Trivia and Tea party

Wednesday- Healthy snacks

Thursday- Lunch for the whole staff

Friday- Decadent desserts

Since I was out Tuesday and Wednesday I missed out on some of the festivities.  However, when I went back to work on Thursday, my appetite was back with a vengeance! The lunch on Thursday had sandwich platters, fresh fruit, 4 different types of salads, hummus, vegetables, and of course some fun desserts! This is what my plate looked like:

Seafood salad sub, ham and cheese pita, Waldorf salad with raspberry vinaigrette, and for dessert, a chocolate covered pretzel and a homemade sugar cookie. Sooooo good! I think I could eat chocolate covered pretzels all day everyday. That salty sweet combo is my jam 🙂

Friday was dessert day. Holy cow (literally, I ate like a cow)

One of my biggest flaws is my lack of willpower. When I see a table like this with a variety of free foods, I act as if I reside in a third world country and have to hunt antelope in order to eat. We also had a bridal shower in the morning for a second grade teacher so there were tons of leftovers. This was my lunch:

Double chocolate cake, asparagus quiche, cheesy potatoes, and a mini chocolate chip cookie. Balanced meal? Hey there are some food groups here! Veggies, dairy, grains…..

Um, not photographed was plate number 2 about 3 hours later when I had 2 black and white cookies, a brownie, and a piece of nut bread. Hey I didn’t eat at all for 2 days this week! I had to make up for lost time 😉

All this food didn’t hold a candle to the comments, cards, and gifts I received from the students. These were some of my favorites:


There are some days in the classroom where I think about jumping out the window. These feelings are mostly attributed to the lack of job support and $$. But the love and support from the students makes it all worth it. I cannot imagine myself in a different profession. 🙂



 If you see a table full of goodies, what food item to you go to first?  Did you have a teacher who inspired you?



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