Steak, Steak and More Steak

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. I had a late night last night with my future family 🙂

Mother’s Day Recap:


My day started at Skipjack’s Seafood Restaurant for a Mother’s Day brunch. I was very excited because I have never eaten here before and I love good seafood. Right off I had high expectations because the prices were much higher than I am used to. The brunch was $26 a person and included 2 courses. I started with the “O.M.G Shrimp Cocktail.” Imagine my disappointment when this hit the table.

At first I assumed I was given the wrong plate, until I was reassured by my waiter that this was in fact the O.M.G cocktail. She even laughed and said that most people have that reaction…. Maybe you wanna change the name then? Or give people a heads up that it’s actually tiny tasteless shrimp smothered in cocktail sauce over lettuce. Thankfully I was starving so I hardly cared about the taste.

For my meal I went with the “Steak and Eggs”

This dish came with 4 steak tips, eggs Benedict over an english muffin and home fried potatoes. I had never had eggs Benedict before and I actually liked it a lot! The steak was cooked perfectly, but I wish they had gone a little easy on the marinade. It was hard to taste the meat through the sweet sauce.  Overall it was a nice meal, but I probably will not be going back anytime soon.

Afternoon: My mom didn’t attend the brunch because she had worked overnight the day before and was catching up on some much needed sleep. After brunch I headed over to her house to give her presents! The lucky woman received a giant new crock pot and some new backing dishes. I am very excited to see what she cooks up in her new pot 🙂


A few hours after I got home from Mother’s Day #1 it was time for Mother’s Day #2 at Nolan’s parent’s house.

I am so lucky to have such a close relationship with my soon to be in laws and family 🙂 Nolan is one of 6 so between his brother, 4 sisters, spouses, nieces and nephew they are quite a bunch!

As soon as we arrived, we got the fire pit going!

We may have gone a little overboard with the cardboard, but there wasn’t a bug in site! We had steak on the grill (yes 2 steaks in one day!!) and all the fixins!

Steak, corn, baked potato, rice, and salad. Delicious. Food cooked on a grill just tastes 100% better than anything else.  We were also celebrating Nolan’s mom’s birthday so there were plenty of desserts!

I had a piece of cake and a mini cheesecake. Sooooo good! Overall it was an excellent day filled with family and food. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s day and spoiled the woman who gave you life!


What did you give your mom for Mother’s Day?


3 thoughts on “Steak, Steak and More Steak

  1. I gave my mom and sister a membership to Amazing Clubs pasta of the month club where they send two new pastas and sauces each month. 🙂 So glad you had a great time!

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