My Sleeping Beauty Moment

Since I had so many things going on this past weekend, I didn’t get the opportunity to share some Free Fun I experienced last week!

This past Friday was National Public Gardens Day.

“National Public Gardens Day is an annual celebration of the nation’s public gardens to raise awareness of the important role botanical gardens and arboreta play in promoting environmental stewardship, plant and water conservation, green spaces, and education in communities nationwide.”

To celebrate, I had the opportunity to visit Garden in the Woods in Framingham.

Garden in the Woods is a wildflower garden that is home to more than 1,000 plants, some of which are endangered. People visit here from all over to purchase plants and study botany.

I actually grew up on the same street as this wildflower garden and never set foot on the property until last week. With my volunteer tour guide Arthur, I spent 2 hours walking the paths of the gardens while investigating my beautiful surroundings.

The whole experience was tranquil and serene. I could not get over how beautiful the grounds were. I am a total nature girl and camper so I loved every minute of it. I kept joking about how I felt like a princess in an enchanted garden. I was just waiting for my woodland friends to assemble and break into song!


…but these turtles didn’t appear to be moving anytime soon.

                                                         Garden in the Woods Fun Facts:

  • The Garden was purchased for $1,000 by William Curtis in 1933.
  • The oldest tree on the property is over 500 years old and has 7 trunks
  • They offer botany, conservation, and horticulture classes for people of all ages
  • Some of the plants sell for over $75 a piece!
  • In 2010 it was named one of the 1,000 greatest places in Massachusetts

The gardens were gorgeous and I learned so much about the different species of plants and animals that can be found on the property. It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon. And it was free!

Take a minute today to appreciate your surroundings and the beautiful creations in nature.


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