S.O.S: My First 5k

Good Morning everyone. The week is almost over! I cannot believe we have 20 days left in the school year. Everyone at school – kids and teachers alike- are just done and already in summer mode! This Sunday I am participating in my school’s annual Fun Run 5k race.

Welcome to the Golden Eagle Fun Run 2012 information page!

The purpose of the run is not only to reinforce the importance of daily exercise to the students, but to also raise money to continue to grow our Physical Education Program. A family that exercises together stays healthy together! You will find that exercise is contagious too! If you’re having fun then your friends are going to want to have fun with you!

Our school is raising money to put in a race track!I think this is such a great fundraiser idea and an excellent way to encourage families to exercise together.  The amount of companies who have made donations is incredible. The kids are all so excited. 🙂

This will be my first race ever and I am excited and nervous. My goal is to run/walk and finish in under 40 minutes. I know this goal seems slow, but I just recently became able to run a consecutive mile! It is also supposed to be 80 degrees here and I have zero tolerance for the heat.

I need advice.

  • What should I eat the night before?
  • What should I eat before the race?
  • How should I pace myself?
  • How should I dress?
  • Should I stretch before the race?


Have you ever participated in a 5k or any other type of race? If so, share some details from your first race!


8 thoughts on “S.O.S: My First 5k

  1. So exciting, good luck!!!

    Honestly I am always follow the same routine for night before and morning of. Here’s what I do:

    1. I eat whole wheat pasta the night before (not too much fiber in the meal)

    2. Morning of I always eat toast with peanut butter and banana

    3. I always (try) to start out slow so that I don’t burn out or cramp! I would say if it makes you comfortable do the run walk method (jog 3 minutes, walk 20 seconds type of thing).

    4. I always dress for about 20 degrees cooler than the weather says. There is nothing worse than being really hot during a race!!!

    5. I don’t stretch before a race but I do try to do some jumping jacks to get warmed up otherwise the first mile is brutal.

    My biggest piece of advice: HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. 1. In terms of eating the night before the race, I would say just don’t eat junk food. You will obviously run better with a good protein in your stomach from the night before as opposed to pizza. It is only 3 miles…no need to carbo load, really 🙂

    2. What you eat that morning really depends on your body, how you process food and how you usually fuel before a run. I know I typically run better on an empty stomach, so for a shorter run like a 5k I might not eat or I might eat a granola bar at least an hour before hand so I know it will be digested by the time I start to run. Just do whatever it is you normally do. Most of all, I would say do NOT change anything about your normal running routine for race day.

    3. For pacing yourself, I am a big fan of keeping a steady walk run. In my latest half, whenever I felt myself getting tired, I tried to keep a 5 minute run/one minute walk. It helps me concentrate whenever I feel my form starting to crumble. If you only JUST ran a straight mile, I would suggest some kind of similar run/walk, but again — just do whatever you’ve been doing. No need to make big changes for your race.

    4. In terms of dress- I dress for about 10 degrees warmer than the temp on race day. I know that I tend to warm up really quickly, so for me, anything over 60 degrees is tank top and shorts. But again, depends on YOUR body. Do you warm up fast in the cold weather, like I do? Or do you tend to be cold and stay cold? What have you been wearing to run lately? Wear that.

    5. Do you typically stretch before your run? Again I wouldn’t change your normal routine. Dynamic stretching is really good for your muscles to do before you run, and static stretching after. I look like an idiot doing dynamic stretches but they are really good for you.

    Have a great race!!! You’ll be running half marathons with me in no time 😉

    • Hahaha thanks Krista but I doubt a marathon of any size is in my future! I am not very consistent with my pre-run routine. Sometimes I stretch, sometimes I don’t. I am terrible at distinguishing cause and effect when it comes to my body and how it operates. I def plan to run/walk. Thanks for the advice!!

  3. I’d stay away from vegetables (and other forms of fiber) the night before, eat something bland and simple before the race (I choose a pb sandwich on white bread, because it’s easy to digest), go slow since this is your first race and it will be hot, dress cool (shorts and a tank top). A brisk walk should stretch out your muscles enough. If your muscles aren’t warm enough, you can hurt yourself by stretching.

    • I didn’t even consider the whole fiber thing. Thanks for the heads up.
      It is supposed to be in the 80s on Sunday which def has me nervous! Looks like I need to go shopping for some cooler running gear 🙂

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