Hot Dog Safari

Hey everyone! How is everyone enjoying this beautiful Saturday? Today was the perfect  day for a Phantom Gourmet event!

The Phantom Gourmet Hot Dog Safari is MORE than hot dogs, and ALL to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Joey Fund. This indoor and outdoor event features parties inside all the restaurants/bars plus food and fun all over Lansdowne Street.

Nolan’s sister Ashley and her boyfriend Shawn came for the fun today and we were very excited to share in their first ever Phantom experience! At 11 this morning, we set out for Boston on the T!

This event was on Lansdowne Street, right outside of Fenway Park.

The cost of the event was $15 in advance, $20 at the event, and that included the cost of the food inside but drinks were additional $$. All of the restaurants and clubs on the street were shut down from 12-4 to the public, and catered only to the Phantom Phans! Some had live music, and as always, people partying in purple!

There were SOOO many people who turned out today. At first it was a bit too crowded and there were lines 20 people long at each of the vender stations.  The four of us stopped off an one of the pubs on the street, listened to some live music, and grabbed a drink while we waited for the crown to thin out. Eventually many of the people left and the lines were much more manageable and quickly moving.

This event seemed slightly more disorganized compared to the other Phantom Gourmet events we have attended in the past. There were also a few food vendors listed on the website that we did not see there today. Another thing that frustrated me was that Fuddruckers (an infamous burger pub) and Kowloon (a Chinese restaurant) served hot dogs. Now I realize this was the “Hot Dog Safari” but I was really looking forward to tasting the signature items from these restaurants.

Some of the foods we enjoyed were:

Clam Chowder from Cabby Shack

Ice cream from Richardson’s

And of course plenty of hot dogs from Windy City, Pearl Meats, and Kayem.

Not photographed were sausages from the Sausage Guy, and Harrow’s Chicken Pie samples.

The food was all delicious and the atmosphere was a blast.

It was a great event for everyone to get together for a good cause and celebrate their love of food, fun, and of course, the Phantom!


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