Like a Couple of Kids in a Candy Store

Good morning all! Before Nolan and I go to our important event today, I thought I would tell you about our fun wedding errand last night.

Yesterday we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to begin our wedding registry! We had so much fun picking out our new china, appliances, and kitchen gadgets!

This was one of the errands Nolan and I were most excited about! We were in no rush to put our registry together, until I was told that my coworkers at school were throwing a “surprise” shower for me in 2 weeks!  Everyone was asking “Where are you guys registered?” It was time to get into action. We chose BB&B for a few reasons:

  • They have many locations which are easy to access.
  • Their selection has a range of prices for our guests
  • There are always $5 off and 20% off coupons available and they do not expire!
  • They keep your registry open for 18 months after the wedding so people can still access it after the event, and use it to purchase 1 year anniversary gifts if they chose.

It is no secret that Nolan and I can be the most indecisive people on the planet so I was a bit weary about our ability to choose between the 10 different brands of toasters for sale. To shed some insight, we both invited the people we run to when we have a decision to make: our moms 🙂

Although our parents live 3 miles apart, they really have not had an opportunity to spend much time together so I was excited to have them both present to share this experience with us.

A BB&B employee walked us through the different departments offering insight into what most people purchase and why. The woman was a little intense and kept trying to get us to buy the top of the line china and appliances but we made our voices heard, had some laughs, and in the end, picked out what WE wanted. Here are some of the items we selected.

A nice new dish set. This four piece set is dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer- proof!  It also has some bone in it so it’s very durable!

I picked out some new wine glasses, and Nolan chose a nice set of beer glasses 🙂



A Ninja blender!


Serving Trays. These rectangular metal trays are grill and oven safe!


A nice new knife set! This particular set comes with a lifetime warranty which is what really sold us.

A 13 piece non-stick cook set!

A Mortar. Why not?!

We had so much fun scanning items and running around the store after hours. We were like a couple of kids in a candy store. We were there for an hour and a half and we are only about 1/3 of the way through! I had no idea it would take that long. The woman suggested we register for 150 items so that our guests would have a nice selection to choose from even if they visit the registry last minute.

I believe we will also be registering at Kohls for linens, a vacuum, and some other odds and ends.  Wedding plans can be so hectic and overwhelming but this was certainly one aspect of wedding planning that we had a blast with!



Where did /will you register for your wedding gifts?

What would your main priority be when selecting the items you want?




2 thoughts on “Like a Couple of Kids in a Candy Store

  1. So exciting! Love your choices! I hear some couples get trigger happy and some find it hard to pick enough things out. Was it easy to find things?

    • Yes and No. Nolan and I have been living together for almost 3 years so we already have many of the things we need. It was hard to decide whether or not we “needed” to upgrade the things we already have (like a newer toaster) or to select things we would like to have but wouldn’t necessarily purchase ourselves (like a blender). In the end we did a bit of both. Also, we are in a small apartment so it was difficult to select things that we know we cannot use now with our limited space.

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