A Facelift

Good morning everyone. Day two of the work week has begun!

Some of you may have noticed that Savor Life’s Flavors has undergone a little facelift! Thoughts? Do we like?


I started my blog 2 months ago as a way to share my current journey down the aisle with friends, family, and “the world.” I also wanted to document my cooking style, and fitness routines (or lack of) on a tight budget. Truthfully it was just as much for me than anyone who read. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and how I would adapt to a blog-life, but I absolutely love it. I have learned many things from fellow bloggers as well as myself and now I cannot imagine my life without SLF.

Since starting this blog I have:

  • Attended many “Free Fun” events that I normally wouldn’t have scoped out

  • Made many new friends 🙂
  • And began setting goals and being accountable for my actions

I am very excited to see the progress I will continue to make, the changes I will undergo and how I handle it all.

Ok time for work! Nolan and I have a very important meeting to attend tonight after work that we are both a little anxious about. I will fill you in later. Enjoy the day 🙂


How has starting a blog changed your life? Please include how long you have been blogging in your response!


5 thoughts on “A Facelift

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