Last night after our rainforest adventure, Nolan and I headed to a new dessert place we were told we “had to try” called ShotCakes.

Basically, ShotCakes are cupcakes with a “shot” of ice cream or frozen yogurt injected into the center! WHAT?! This exists?! Yes. Yes it does. And it’s spectacular. Right away I was overwhelmed. The customer can choose any base cupcake flavor they want, then pick an ice cream or frozen yogurt shot, and then toppings. They also have some signature creations that take the guess work out of the process.

As the king and queen of indecisiveness, we were relieved when we got the the counter and they only had 5 to choose from before the next batch came out of the oven in 20 minutes. It was still a very hard decision but we chose this little beauty.

This my friends is a peanut butter fudge ShotCake. It’s a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frozen yogurt topped with peanut butter and hot fudge. OH.MY.GOD. Even Nolan loved this dessert and he tends to pass on sweets. It was so good, we actually debated buying one of their frozen ShotCakes to take home and eat later. (I am now kicking myself that I said no.) Thank goodness this place is far far away from my house or we would have a serious problem on our hands. This company also caters events including birthday parties and weddings which is certainly good to know!


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