WIAW: Food and Cocktails

Happy hump day! I am keeping up my tradition with another What I Ate Wednesday Post. This is my food journal for Tuesday May 28th.

Breakfast: 8:00 am

Special K Fruit and Yogurt with fresh blueberries and skim milk and a cup of Butter Toffee coffee.

Lunch: 10:45 am

Mango Chobani with fresh raspberries…..

grape tomatoes with hommus, and I also had some fresh watermelon that was not photographed. These little bite size tomatoes are so juicy and they explode in your mouth.

Snack: #1: 1:00

This was the first Clif Kid bar I have ever tried and I really enjoyed it. It’s about half the calories of the Clif bars I typically eat. I will definitely purchase more of these for snacks, but stick to my Clif bars for the occasional breakfast on the go!

Snack#2: 5:00

Remember those frozen fruit bars I bought at Trader Joe’s?

Well this past weekend when I saw my Aunt Patty, she told me about a recipe using these bars that a Trader Joe’s worker recommended. It sounded absolutely delicious and perfect for a hot sticky day. Bar+rum=heaven! With a splash of rum and my Magic Bullet I turned this….

…into this!

Oh wow! Talk about refreshing and hittin the spot on a hot hot day! I love finding creative ways to use the ingredients I have! Thank’s Auntie P!

Dinner: 7:00

I can’t remember when we went to the grocery store last, but when we did, we found this:

Buy one get one free! Those words are like magic to us. So tonight it was pork chops and applesauce for dinner.

I breaded the chops in these two: pork rub and bread crumbs.

On the side I microwaved a rice side and threw in some frozen veggies to beef it up.




What is your favorite thing you have eaten this week?


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Food and Cocktails

  1. Glad you liked the Clif Bar! Great idea to use the bigger ones for breakfast the the smaller for snacks. Totally doing it. 🙂

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