You Are Getting Sleepy…..

Good evening. Good day? Bad day? My day consisted of a field trip, a trip to the gym, some shopping and of course some great food.


A roast beef sandwich with Laughing Cow Cheese, tomato, lettuce and avocado on an Arnold Sandwich Flat. On the side I had a cup of Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup from Trader Joe’s.

I added some ground pepper and some fresh basil leaves from our ghetto garden 🙂 I forgot how delicious fresh herbs are. This soup is one of my FAVORITE all time Trader Joe’s products.

After work today I headed to the gym. My workout looked something like this

I increased the amount of weight I use for the squats, sit ups and pull downs. My arms hurt already! It was especially hot today and I was sweating like a crazy woman at the gym.

Before my workout today I noticed something in the mirror….

Pink pink pink. I have said this before but I dislike pink and own next to no pink clothing EXCEPT my workout gear. Even my “workout bag” is pink!


By “gym bag” I mean my Love Culture store bag that I use because I don’t own a legit bag.

Post gym I showered and did a little dress shopping. I am very excited about my purchases and I can’t wait to share!

HOWEVER, as I was trying on a dress I noticed in the mirror that I was covered in hives! This has never happened to me before and I have no idea what triggered the reaction. I only know I am ITCHY.  I just took some Benadryl which always knocks me out. I can literally feel my eyes closing right now. Good night!


Do allergy meds knock you out too?

What is your favorite article of workout clothes? Why?




13 thoughts on “You Are Getting Sleepy…..

  1. I love my black cropped running jacket from UK sportswear brand Sweaty Betty. I used to get really irritated by the sportswear manufacturers assumption that women want everything to be pink, even boxing gloves! But Sweaty Betty, NoBalls and Adidas by Stella have some good non-pink workout kit for women.

  2. Oh no!!! Hives!! Reminds me of that episode in Sex and The City when the girls go try on terrible wedding dresses and Carrie breaks out in hives!!! 😦 that’s the worst! But to answer your question, I have a few articles that I keep going back to. I have a Nike tank that I have pretty much worn in every half marathon I’ve run despite my 70lb weight loss! I like it because it’s long but it’s still tight in the right places (well it’s getting saggier….I really need to find a replacement but I got it at Kohl’s and can’t find a similar one anywhere for nearly as cheap…) I also really like Old Navy’s active wear. I wear the booty shorts underneath my hockey shorts that velcro to my socks (because I feel uncomfortable just wearing dude shorts w/ a jock in them…) and I wear the capris and knee-length shorts for running and other various exercise. Actually my favorite pair of running tights is Old Navy and they’re splitting at the seem in the inner thigh! UGH!

    • I love Old Navy active wear! Besides them I get my workout clothes at T.J.Maxx or Mashalls.

      It’s so funny you said the Sex in the City thing because that’s immediately what I thought! At the time I was actually in a dress and the zipper was stuck! I know how Carrie felt.

  3. The soup and sandwich look so good!
    Allergy meds make me silly and totally unaware. Embrassing story….I took one Benadryl one time, and I stared in the cabinet for 20 minutes talking out loud to myself about how I no one needed a bandaid…my boyfriend found me. lol

  4. The hives- write down everything you ate and used (lotion, shampoo, etc.) see if anything has changed. I went through this a few months ago and after a lot of tests, doctor appointments and money I found out it was just a niacin flush. I started to take niacin after a doctor’s suggestion.

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