Happy National Donut Day!

Good afternoon all. Today went slightly different than I had originally planned.

My bridal shower this morning was fantastic! I will give a full report when I have all the pictures but it included lots of great food…

…and a tiara- wedding veil.

So about an hour into the work day, I started to get itchy again and out came the hives! WTF?! Since I can’t just keep taking Benadryl every 6 hrs and go through life a sleepy zombie, I left work and went to the doctor. I didn’t share this yesterday but in addition to the hives I have been having terrible anxiety for some reason.

I also got a big kick out of her line of diagnostic questioning:

“Do you have any added stress in your life right now?”

Hmmm wedding, possible job change, $$…Nope no stress here haha. But honestly, I am a very laid back person and I don’t stress too much. Plus with the excellent wedding package we got the planning thus far has been stress free!

“Look down deep. Do you think you subconsciously have doubts about your wedding? Is he really the one for you?”

This one made me laugh out loud. I have heard this many times recently, mostly because we are so young. I told her the same thing I tell everyone else, Nolan is my life. I know it’s soooo corny and he will probably get embarrassed when he reads this but it’s true. I cannot picture myself with anyone but him. (Ok maybe George Clooney or Rob Thomas) but other than that, it’s Nolan 1000%

My doctor believes it is a hormone/stress related reaction and gave me some steroids to hopefully get rid of the hives. Yup, I’m on roids. In addition she prescribed the following: YOGA! Yup. She said it will regulate my breathing and heart rate and should reduce anxiety. Looks like I have to put my money where my mouth is and actually give yoga a try.

She also ordered some blood tests to rule out some factors including my crappy Thyroid. I HATE getting my blood drawn because my veins are tiny and hide at the sight of a needle.

The doctor was even nice enough to give me a bandage that matched my outfit 🙂

On the way home from the pharmacy I made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for National Donut Day! To celebrate, Dunkin’ is giving away free donuts all day long. Free food? Don’t need to tell me twice!

I got a large ice coffee (hazelnut with skim milk, no sugar) because with all this Benadryl I am a walking zombie, and I got a free donut because I need to take my roids with food! Great excuse huh?

This is the Men in Black 3 “undercover chocolate donut”! Why is it “undercover” you ask?

There is chocolatey goodness hiding inside. Great choice. One of my goals is to maintain a positive attitude and this little snack helped me do just that! Hopefully the rest of my day will be uneventful and hive free. Wish me luck!


Donuts of muffin?

Ice coffee or hot?

Chocolate or vanilla?


8 thoughts on “Happy National Donut Day!

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