My First Shower

I finally gathered all the pictures from my first bridal shower on Friday!

I got a great/stylish veil headband that I definitely plan of keeping  for the Bachelorette party!

Check out that BLING!

The decorations were all our wedding colors 🙂

Of course, there was a wide spread of food!

My Plate:

Fruit salad, strawberry yogurt and granola, and two different types of quiche. Everything was delicious!

Cake 🙂

Beautiful flowers!

I am especially excited about the presents!!!

I am not the best baker in the world so all my current pans have scratches and burned food stuck on them. Not anymore!

I am so lucky to work with such amazing people 🙂

This was certainly one of those events that made the whole wedding thing seem so real! It’s so hard to believe that I will be Mrs. Sullivan in 125 days. (I love this wedding countdown app on my phone.)  🙂



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