My Night in Paris

(…The city, not the Hilton girl)

Saturday Night

Last night I helped out a co-worker who works for an event company for some extra $$. From 5-12 I was at the gorgeous 4 Seasons Hotel in Boston keeping a room full of 13 year old’s entertained. One of the ways we entertained them was by taking green screen pictures of them and superimposing them into various scenes from Paris (It was a Paris themed party). I even got my picture taken with the Eiffel Tower!

Cool huh?! And I made $100!

Sunday Morning:

OOOOOO Sunday mornings. I love Sunday mornings and I especially love going out for breakfast which we have not done in months! One of our favorite Sunday brunch spots is a place called Stephen Anthony’s. They have spectacular food at unbelievably low prices. It am a 100% creature of habit, but this is a place where every time I go I try something new because it’s all so good! Another perk to Stephen Anthony’s is that they have a full service bar! No no no, we did not get our drink on, but there are always open seats available so there is no waiting for a table!

Today I went with 2 mini blueberry waffles without whipped cream and 2 scrambled eggs. I also had a “fruit plate” which should have been called a “melon plate” because all it had in it was honeydew and cantaloupe.  I also had two three cups of coffee. Hey, I need to stay caffeinated to counteract all this Benadryl.

Nolan went 180 degrees the other way and got one of their current specials called “Cookout Mountain.”

…aka a heart attack on a plate. This my friends, is 2 eggs over medium with peppers and onions on top of a sausage patty, on top of a bed of hash browns. OH and with a trough of hollandaise sauce.

I have said it before and I will say it again. A big perk to being in a relationship is getting bites of both meals 🙂

Sunday Afternoon:

So my hives are still kickin so I went to the doctor AGAIN and they still have no idea what it is or what caused it but they did put me on a higher does of meds that should eliminate the problem! Keep your fingers crossed. The doctor also ordered me to lay low and get some rest. My plan is to clip some Sunday coupons, watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls, and do a little bit of baking with these babies:

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!

Stephen Anthony’s: 7/10 on the Sullivan Scale


Do you have a favorite brunch spot?

Pancakes or waffles or french toast???


7 thoughts on “My Night in Paris

  1. Tony and I are such creatures of habit. There is a diner down the street from us that we usually hit up every weekend 🙂 It is an adorable place, breakfast food has got to be my fav. PS – I get to see you Thursday night and I am SO EXCITED!

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