Where’s The Beef?! Rantings of an Imperfect Woman

Last night I took a time out from blogging to catch up on some ME time. I watched some tv, read some magazines, and spent some QT with Nolan 🙂 My hives seem to be going away (YEY!!!) so I was in a great mood and just wanted to relax.

After work I headed to the gym as I do every Tuesday and did this workout:

You can check out my other typical workouts here:

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Workout# 3

As I was leaving the gym I came across this:

I typically don’t read magazines but this issue of Glamour was up for grabs so I …grabbed it. lol As I was flipping through I came across this article:

This is something that I myself am guilty of. Any of you ever use Picnik? It was a photo editing site that is now part of Google, but it allowed you to upload pics and make small changes such as color tint, teeth whitening, blemish fix, and all sorts of color themes like black and white and even night vision. I typically added a bit of color to my pics so I didn’t look like a vampire and occasionally I would reduce some of the red in my face. This time I tried something new just for laughs.

The Original photo

The Barbie Picture:

The scary part is that the more I looked between these two pictures of “myself” the more I liked the second picture better and started to feel really fat. It’s sooo sad how today’s models and ads have perfectly proportioned women thinking they are too big. Remember Barbie Girl? Ugh. Not to go on a total “girl power” rant but I also noticed several other unpleasant woman-directed messages in this magazine.

First off, the cover promises to educate it’s readers on the following topics:

  • Sex
  • Beauty
  • Shopping
  • Guys
  • Gossip

What about something of substance? I personally would like to read about sports, music, cooking, saving $$ and good food. However according to the pages of Glamour women should be concerning themselves with the following issues:


We need to be: Tall and skinny with great hair, white teeth, with an unwrinkled face.

We also only eat lettuce and Lean Cuisines

The ideal job is working for a fashion magazine.

And our biggest concern is….

Now I’m not going to lie, I did thoroughly enjoy looking at pictures of half naked Zac Efron….

…but come on ladies, where’s the beef?! Where are the smart, sexy women who work in the real world, eat real food, and are naturally beautiful. I understand that men want women who look a certain way, but this magazine is written by women. Why are we being so fake?! We need to be honest and stop with the negativity!

I am going out on a limb here and I hope some of you choose to re-post this and do the same for your readers.


  • Am 5’2 and 110 lbs
  • Have crooked teeth
  • Have red freckled skin
  • Am pale in the winter
  • Eat MEAT
  • Get my hair cut at Supercuts
  • Exercise to stay healthy
  • Smell bad sometimes


What is your favorite body feature and why?

I love my eyes and my hair 🙂


5 thoughts on “Where’s The Beef?! Rantings of an Imperfect Woman

  1. Love this!
    you are so right.. if you think about it it is so geared toward being sexy etc. i like articles that promote feeling sexy but not in a stereotypical way…if that makes sense. but i guess that is what sells i think.
    as far as the photoshopping and editing touch ups etc it really is getting out of hand in magazines and stuff. to the point where you wonder almost everytime what is real and whats not. its sad really

    • Thanks! I agree that it is so much more important to feel sexy than it is to look a certain very-fake-way. I certainly don’t look the part, but I feel my best after a good workout! It makes me feel very accomplished and successful 🙂

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