The Perfect Date


I am LOVING the response my Glamour Magazine rant received! I am glad to know everyone is pretty much on the same page. Girl Power!

So the past few weeks have been kinda off for Nolan and I. Between my issues and busy work schedules, we haven’t had much solo together time. Yesterday I went from job 1 to job 2 to job 3 and by the time I got home it was 7 and I was starving and craving some Nolan time. I twisted his arm (HA) and we went on a little date. As usual we debated where to go for a good  20 minutes  before we decided to go to The Halfway Cafe! Halfway is a local chain that has a pub-like menu. (It is also a favorite of the Phantom :-))You can get anything from burgers to seafood to pasta and its generally all good! They also have a special 7 for $7 menu that rotates every month!

I ordered the Coconut Tilapia from this menu.

The fish was baked in coconut breading and came covered in a fruit salsa made of tomato, onions, pineapple and Granny Smith Apples. It sounds bizarre but it was delicious!

As usual Nolan went with a buffalo chicken something. I swear no matter where we go he orders something covered in hot sauce or jalapenos. Today it was the buffalo chicken sandwich.

As usual the food was great and the price was right! Tonight was especially exciting because Nolan recently made a pretty big purchase! This one is right up there with the big old diamond he got me in December 🙂

A new (to him) car!! His car had been in very tough shape for years now so generally I drive when we go out.  It was especially nice to be driven around tonight on a real “date” date 🙂

He doesn’t seem TOO excited huh?

Ugh I just love him and that goofy smile.  We were having a great date so we decided to take a small detour on the ride home…

If you guessed Mad Willies you would be correct! It had been FAR too long since my last visit. I made good choices however and got the “Kiddie” size! This is chocolate  frozen yogurt with heath bar mixed in. Soooooo good.

Nolan got vanilla frozen yogurt with Reese’s peanut butter cups mixed in.

I got 2 more stamps of my frequent fro-yo card which puts me that much closer to my free yogurt. It was the perfect end to a busy day. It was also nice in a way that we hadn’t spent much time together this week because it gave us some things to actually talk about during dinner. Including the fact that in 4 short months we will be married!! But honestly, we were both so great on this date. We were joking, laughing, and sang terribly along with the radio the whole ride there and back. After 6+ years its still so refreshing to see how much fun we can have together on a random Wednesday night. In this terribly stressful time (job, wedding, hives, $$) he is still all I need to make me smile and feel at ease. We both agreed we would go on a second date together 🙂

So tonight I have a fun night planned with the girls at Fenway Park 🙂 This will be my 3rd Sox game of the season! I just cannot pass up $12 tickets. Hopefully we do not get the projected thunderstorms  and the Sox actually pull off a win. 😦

Halfway Cafe: 6/10 on the Sullivan Scale


What is your idea of a perfect date?


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Date

  1. What a great date night! That coconut tilapia looks yummy. 🙂 My idea of a perfect date is cooking dinner together and watching a movie with a glass of wine then froyo for dessert.

  2. Awww, I love that you guys are still so happy and having fun 6 years in! I think date nights are so important – in the beginning and still 10 years later. 🙂

    My favorite is actually a date day — get up early(ish), get breakfast and coffees, drive around and maybe play mini-golf or look at houses!

  3. A date night with fro yo can’t be bad. 😉 So happy you two got out and had some time together! Enjoy the game tonight! You work so hard, you deserve it. 🙂

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