Buy Me Some Yogurt and Cracker Jacks…..

Happy Friday!

I am running super late this morning so I am going to keep it quick. Last night the girls and I had a great time at the Red Sox game!

The clouds cleared up, we stayed dry, and we Won! (Yes I played center field in the 9th…) Here are some highlights!

I have been to many Sox games over the years and sat pretty much everywhere! (Including on the Monster!) I have to say that the Bleachers are still the best seats in the house. There are always plenty of drunk, rowdy fans around to keep you entertained!

A personal favorite part of the night was when the group of annoying girls sitting behind me in Celtics gear screaming (O.MG GO CELTICS!) got up and left and everyone cheered “NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!”

Cracker Jacks! I can’t remember the last time I had these! Sooo good.


And a Fenway Frank of course! I also had a great time catching up with Krista who I hadn’t seen in far too long!

As I was leaving the ball park I passed this stand:

Really?!  I was shocked to see that Fenway is now offering some healthy choices! Now I don’t plan on EVER getting a veggie dog or yogurt at a ball game, but it’s nice to know it’s there.:-)

Enjoy your Friday!



What is your favorite concession stand snack?


10 thoughts on “Buy Me Some Yogurt and Cracker Jacks…..

  1. I love bleacher seats! I have never sat on the green monster, it’s something on my fiance’s bucket list so I’m gonna have to figure out tickets one of these days!

    Wow, I can’t believe Fenway is offering healthy options! I mean I love that they are (let’s be honest, I’m always going to get a fenway frank or sausage and peppers) but I agree, it’s cool they offer it!

    • I know it! The first season they had the monster seats I went and got tickets at game time. It was the only ticket left in the park but it was the best $90 I’ve ever spent!
      The healthy option stand didn’t have much of a line all night but I did see a few people waiting for veggie burgers.

    • I tried to wave down the pretzel guy last night but he didn’t hear me. It’s probably for the best after all the other goodies I consumed. (Un-photographed was the beer I ate with my hot dog 🙂 )

      • Haha I always say that if I can’t get something. I say it’s happening for a reason and telling me I probably shouldn’t. Beer + hot dog = only wany to do it at a basbeball game

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